Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Brady and I have been talking about starting a blog for awhile. It's not that we think we're interesting, though we do, just that both of us feel like we have a lot to say. This(blogging), we both agree, is a sufficient way to express what we have to say. We both like to be heard. I think that's one of the many reasons why we adore each other. We both understand the other's need to speak out.

We weren't planning on starting this blog until life settled down a bit. We definitely didn't plan to start it on our honeymoon but something happened tonight that made me want to 'speak out'. It's not a statement or a declaration, more like a diary entry that I want to share.

Brady and I are here in San Antonio, TX on our honeymoon. It's been a wonderful, mind blowing week. Quite possibly the best of both our lives. Tonight we decided to stroll the Riverwalk and have dinner at the HardRock Cafe. After dinner and a couple drinks we decided to go in search of the bar Coyote Ugly. I've always secretly wanted to be a Coyote, I just love Jesus too much. We ended up getting turned around, and stopped to regroup on a well lit corner.

A couple nice looking guys asked Brady for the time, and began to walk on. We didn't think anything of it until one of them summed up the courage to ask us if we could give the two of them some money for dinner. The other stood off to the side and looked at his feet, you could tell it was a humbling experience for both of them. He went on to say that they were only in San Antonio for the night, and didn't have any money to eat. Brady didn't even hesitate. He pulled out his wallet, and handed the brave one a bill.

You could tell that they didn't expect us to actually help them by the looks on their faces. Brady sent them on their way, and we continued our search for the bar. Let me just stop to say that I love my husband. He is so generous, and kind. I don't know many who would have helped the two.

Not five minutes later we were crossing underneath a bridge, back on the Riverwalk, and a homeless man stopped us and asked if he could sing us a song to earn a few bucks. I don't know if it was the alcohol or the Holy Spirit but we stopped, and let him sing. He was terrible. He was loud, and smelly, and scaring the other couples that walked by.

After he had finished two songs, I asked him if I could sing for him. Anything to get him to stop. I got him to sit down beside me, and after a second of prayer I launched in to 'Here I am to Worship' and hoped for the best. He got teary eyed and sat silently as I sang. After I finished, I thanked him for taking the time to listen to me and then asked if I could pay him for his time. He readily agreed, and Brady pulled out a bill.

I think that this is the start of a beautiful marriage. We both like to be heard. I think the most meaningful way to speak out is through your actions, and Brady's actions are some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard.