Wednesday, July 6, 2011

19 Weeks Pregnant

I don't know how single moms get through pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard enough with two people I can't imagine how it would be without a partner.

For the first three months I was useless. I didn't move from the couch for two solid months. Brady was there to do laundry, clean the kitchen, make dinner, work full time to support us, give massages, cool me down with a cold rag, say kind words, and give me all the attention I could ever dream of while reassuring me that I wasn't going to die or feel that sick forever. While Brady was at work I had my Mom, Dad, and siblings on call just in case I needed anything. My parents made sure our fridge was stocked full of Ginger Ale and made sure I had plenty of Preggy Pops and Ginger Candy. Being pregnant is a team effort.   

After our trip to Kentucky, around month 4, all of the sickness started to fade and I started to feel like I was able to function again.

Month 5 is now here and it comes with its own set of issues. Thy name is reflex. My Grandma Sharon and I were having a nice lunch at Chili's last Friday and as I started to inhale my House Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing my throat started to feel funny. Before I knew it I had tossed that Salad all over the booth, my lap, and hair. Word to the wise: YOU CANT EAT FAST WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT. 

That little incident got me thinking about all the little things that happened to my body once I got pregnant and I started to wonder why no one had ever warned me? I grew up with this idea that pregnancy was going to be wonderful. I would have a cute little baby belly and then a cute little baby. No one ever told me that it would actually be quite inconvenient. Not that I would ever trade the end result in order to rid myself of all these little inconveniences but I just think that there is another side to pregnancy that we aren't told about. 

1. Your new favorite place to sleep will be the bathroom so make sure to wash the rugs and Pine-Sol the floor because you're going to be on that floor whether it's clean or not.

2. Your tummy is not the only place that stretch marks will appear.

3. Shaving you legs is a battle. Shaving your "down stairs" is impossible. 

4. I never got headaches until I got pregnant. Tylenol PM makes it all better.

5. Ginger Candy is not candy, it's poison. 

6. Your boobs will get bigger no matter how massive they already are. And no Victoria Secret does not sell that size. 

7. They say you pee less when the second trimester rolls around. Lie. I still have to pee 250,000 times a day. 

8. Your boobs will hurt like you're having a heart attack but don't worry! It's just your milk ducts coming in. 

9. Fried food WILL give you terrible heartburn so if you don't want it stay away from the chicken, red sauces, and onion rings. 

10. Even though you are no longer having periods your going to become a leaky faucet so keep panty liners handy!

11. You use up more energy laying on the couch while you're pregnant than your husband would while training with a professional body builder at the gym. It's okay to take lots of naps.

12. Your going to be freezing or sweating where ever you go so dress in layers and pack a sweater. 

13. Don't move fast! It's dangerous. 

14. Because the ligaments in your body become all loose to accommodate the child you're growing your feet might grow a size or two.

15. Don't stay seated for too long because your toes will swell up like little sausages. 

16. If you've never had allergies before you may acquire some new ones. 

17. Burping and farting can not be avoided. Sorry newlyweds!

18. There is a whole list of foods you're not allowed to eat while your pregnant. Like: bacon, hot dogs, tuna, packaged lunch meat etc...

19. Make sure you have someone around to help you get up if you decide to sit on the floor. It's just easier that way. 

Everyones pregnancy is different and some of these things may be things that are entirely unique to me and my pregnancy. I just had to get it all out somewhere! Thanks for reading!

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