Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa's House

burn baby burn!
My Grandparents have this 8923859 year old toaster that burns toast if you don't watch it and eject it manually. Today marks week two of our stay with them and until this morning I had not burned a single piece. We're talking smoking, crispy, solid black toast. 

Blessed to have a Grandpa who wants to eat it anyway. 

Grandma and Grandpa's favorite computer game is called bookworm. My Grandpa's laptop is kept open on the counter at all times and throughout the day-- as we all walk by we love to pause life and find words in the jumbled mess of tiles. 

Life is simpler at Grandma and Grandpa's. Though busier than ever life is slower paced and I find lots of meaning in doing simple tasks like laundry. I cannot wait to begin piecing our new house together but moving out of my Grandparents is going to be bittersweet. Brady and I are truly enjoying ever moment of our time with them.

They have the most beautiful garden. They make due with the space the have and they've created something wonderful. They grow flowers in their front yard and tomatoes in the back. 

My Grandma was excited to show us how wild berries began growing in their yard. Deliciously tangy, I love picking the ripe ones in the morning. It fills a desire in my heart that I discovered recently. I really have an interest in things that grow. I am glad that the Lords timing is a little inconvenient sometimes. If closing on the duplex had been easier we wouldn't be sharing this time with them now. Today I am grateful for unanswered prayers. 

Faithful stewards of the things that they have been given-- my grandparents spend a lot of time working in their yard. It inspires me to get off my butt and do something. They keep themselves busy with meaningful tasks and take pride in their accomplishments-- it inspires me to take more pride in my own. 

day to day. 
We seem to have been doing  a lot of running back and forth lately. I enjoy the late night and early morning rides on the windy country roads. Driving through the country is a spiritual experience. There is great opportunity to sing, reflect, and worship the creator of the divine eye candy that surrounds me daily (Brady Williams... I kid. I kid.)


Avey has adjusted to our new helter skelter life well enough. She likes to play with her toys, watch her Einsteins, take lots of mini naps, and be held. 

sneak peak of our new home :D

Brady and I like to sit around and talk about how awesome she is. 

Yesterday my Grandma taught me how to patch jeans and today I am learning how to hem. Maybe they'll adopt us and we'll stay with them forever. 

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