Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fire Fire Fire!

Oh boy does it feel good to sit behind a desk, editing pictures, and thinking about all the new things I have to share. It feels good to type-- the clicking of the keys is like music to my ears. Over the last two weeks Brady and I have moved in with my Grandparents, packed and moved all of our things to Blue Ridge, painted every square inch of our new home (ceilings and closets included), and last weekend we started ripping out carpet to prepare the way for our new floors.

I kid you not-- I thought we'd have the entire house painted in the first day. Obviously I've never painted anything in my life. It is coming along--slowly but surely and with every brush stroke it become a little bit more like home.

fussy bussy.
People ask me all the time "does she ever cry?"....

I always want to say something sarcastic like "No. Does yours? Something must be wrong with it."

But I don't because I'm nice. I just laugh and say "does she ever!"

The truth is that Brady and I are incredibly blessed. She is such a sweet baby. She loves to be held and tends to fuss when I put her down--but I know that's my doing. She sleeps through the night. She likes to be in her car seat, watch Baby Einstein, and be sung to.

My sweet darling turned into a little terror when it was time to start packing. About halfway through her Einsteins this is what we encountered:

She cried real tears and everything. Moving with a 5 month old isn't fun. Painting with a 5 month old isn't fun.

She cries.

It is heart breaking.

We are both very ready to get unpacked and all moved in.

fire fire fire.
My brother Kyle (number 3 of 7) graduated from the Fire Academy the day before we moved so I haven't been able to gush yet.

He has worked so hard over the past few years--trying to better himself so he can make a lovely little life for his beautiful fiance Sarah. They are getting married in July and our family can't wait to grow once more.

I am pretty sure Kyle is the smartest. He studied ruthlessly for exams and memorized countless definitions as he worked full time as a shift supervisor at a local pizza joint. He put himself through school without government grants or student loans. He succeeds at whatever he puts his mind to while dazzling others with his quirky sense of humor and boyish charm.

Obviously he was named Valedictorian of his class.

We all showed up to support him-- as is customary for out tight knit family unit.

I am so proud of my siblings and the people we are all becoming.

We ended the night with chips, salsa, and margaritas. Perfection.

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