Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

 I stayed up baking uber late on Christmas Eve Eve so I didn't have that burst of energy Christmas Eve morning one desires when waking at 5 am to bake lovely, delicious things and pump so Daddy can feed the baby while you make the lovely, delicious things.

Bad news beckoned when I entered the kitchen and pulled out the hard-as-a-rock dough for my signature Berry Shortbread Dreams Cookies. I tried anything and everything I could think of to liven up the batch but it was no use. It literally crumpled in my hands along with my sugary shortbread dreams (So lame. I'm so sorry.) 

Great start to the morning. I was feeling like a winner. Nervous about trying a new pumpkin pie recipe I decided I had nothing left to lose and went for it. It was incredible. I've made it again since Christmas Eve and I still can't get enough!

The rest of the morning was a busy hustle bustle of last minute touches and hurried nursing.

Sister wasn't too excited about that last part.

But she got over it like only she can.

We arrived safely and soundly at party central, greeted by all the people we love. Little missy was the belle of the ball. I had to fight to keep her. Approaching Brady once with my plight and pouting because everyone wanted to take my baby from me.

I got over it fast though. It's a special thing to see everyone delighting in something that you made. I stood a little taller as everyone oohhed and aahhed over her hair, her dress, her silly faces. Puffed full of pride because that little thing is a little piece of me.

For the last several years since we've moved to Texas my mothers side of the family has gathered for a Christmas Eve celebration. It's the way we all prefer it. That way Christmas Day is somewhat of a Sabbath Day. A day of rest, a day to soak in all the spoils of the year and the true meaning of Christmas.

You don't leave your house, you don't leave your pjs, you don't leave your presents. It's perfect.

Check out these two love birds. My brother Kyle is getting married next summer to his high school sweetheart. They are adorable and absolutely mad for each other. They had been up for over 24 hours at this point-- just got back to Texas after a 10 day stint in Hawaii.

They ooze happy. Those are my favorite kind of people. The ones you can't help grinning around. The ones that know what life's all about and aren't afraid to go for. I love how the two of them are going for it.

My family oozes lots of happy.

 He has the ability to make my stomach flip-flop even through a picture. Now that's talent. Mad talent.

 Meet Grandpa. I love the way he sits.

This is Colin. My Taylor Lautner look-alike brother-- at least thats what everyone says. I'm not feeling it in this particular photograph.

And this is the jewel of the Christmas Eve photographs. My Mother. Mid Conversation. I love everything about this. Her hands. The way she's sitting. Her facial expresion. I count it all priceless.

It would not have been Christmas Eve without a competitive game of ping pong. The hilarity that ensued watching these four grown men play was well... priceless. There was dancing, spanking, singing, witty banter--the whole enchilada.

Note the kid under the table?

They worked up an appetite so it's only fitting that after the game lunch was served.

I hope that your Holiday Season has been as blessed and exciting as mine has.
I pray that your family is well. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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