Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deltaco, InNOut, and Pizza Hut. Let the cravings begin!

You know those times where you'd do anything short of murder for a pizza and some sweet tarts? Well right now is one of those times. I made homemade taco soup, ice cream, and brownies but it's not enough. I need some freaking pizza and maybe some Deltaco with an InNOut burger on top.

I am so glad InNOut moved to Texas. I don't know how I'd get through pregnancy without them. They make me feel better even on my worst days. I don't know who invented InNOut. We took a class field trip to an InNOut factory when I was in 4th grade (or was it 3rd??) and they gave us the history along with a free lunch (that I'm sure our parents had to pay for ahead of time). This is one of those field trips that I feel would have been better to take in High School. How is a 4th grader supposed to remember all that stuff? All I remember is the "free" lunch and t-shirt.

Speaking of 4th grade... I remember we learned about covered wagons and Missions in the History portion of that grade. I remember we had to build a mission out of sugar cubes or a covered wagon from scratch in order to pass the history portion. I don't know how you expect a fourth grader to build a freaking covered wagon from scratch but that is what was expected. My mom built the entire thing out of popsicle sticks and hot glue for me. It took her hours but she was determined to get me a good grade. I feel bad for those kids whose mothers didn't build their covered wagons. I got an A but I know of others who got C-'s and D's because their work was 4th grade work.

School isn't fair. It's rather silly. You could literally drop out of school in 7th grade and when you're 18 enroll in College as a freshman and do just fine. You may have to take an express remedial algebra course with Professor Turnbow at Collin College but after that you'd be just fine. 8th-12th grade is stupid. They don't teach you anything new. Sure you'll miss a few important things that happened in History but you'll get a refresher course when you're a Freshman. Believe me.

I wish I had a pizone right now. That is one of those little pizzas that they fold in half and don't put pizza sauce in because you get to dip it instead. It's only 5 dollars at Pizza Hut. Colin and Kyle work there that is how I know. Bethany used to work there to but now she works at Palio's again. She wasn't pizza making material. She quit of her own "fruition." (Inside joke between Brady and I. I used to think that fruition meant "of your own free will" but it didn't so now we use it in sentences it doesn't belong in because we think we're funny.)

I really like my husband. He makes me laugh everyday. Speak of the devil. He is now making me examine a zit on his back. This is what you do when you're married. You examine each others pimples and dig out ingrown hairs. Brady plucks my eyebrows and shaves my legs for me now. He's a good husband. He doesn't complain when I ask him to do weird things for me. Usually I dangle the money factor in front of him and that helps too. What is the money factor you ask?

If I want Brady to pluck my eyebrows all I have to say is "You can pluck them or I can pay someone else $8.50 to pluck them at a Salon every four weeks. You choose." He is a man. He doesn't like when I spend all the money. He would rather pluck them then have me pay someone else money to pluck them. This is the money factor and it works like a charm because you see I am a woman and I like to spend money but I can only spend the money if there is money to spend and that means not spending it on frivolous things like the Salon.

They just opened a new Deltaco in Mckinney. California is coming to Texas people. Get ready! I would really love to have some 89 cent Tacos with a chocolate milkshake and some fries. I just don't want to go get them. I also don't want to spend the money on fast food when I have plenty of food here at home my belly has other plans however. Oh bother.

Here is my review of the Winnie the Pooh Movie. Are you ready? It was... AWESOME. I laughed so hard. I'm going to buy it when it comes out of DVD. I'll say its for the baby but we'll all know the truth. I'm giggling just thinking about one scene and that was particularly funny ("You must be catching a cold." "I''ll probably catch it too."). Here! You have to watch the trailer:

Thanks. :) Doesn't that just make you feel all wonderful inside? I smile every time I watch it. Well I've taken up enough of your time with my droning. Have a fabulous evening and eat something yummy for me!

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