Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wined and Dined

There are times when I can't wait to get all settled in our new house just so that I can get a decent nights sleep again. One without Avey pulling my hair or pushing her tiny feet into my back. Then there are times like tonight where all three of us sleep--touching in some way or another. Avey tucked away in the crook of my arm, holding Brady's hand. Brady and I find each other at the foot of the bed beneath the covers-- ankles interlocked with shins and feet and toes-- tangled until I don't know where he begins and I end.

I woke up at 5am and I knew that I had finally received my definite answer to my pregnancy inquiries. After asking myself how I felt about it a half dozen times I realized that I'm okay-- it was for the best-- it wasn't meant to be right now. There are these times when I am so glad that we co-sleep because at 5am this morning I really didn't want to be alone and I needed a reminder that one baby is plenty for now--that one baby is perfect right now.

I got back under the covers. I took Avey in my arms-- she snuggled into my body and slept on. I tangled my feet in Brady's legs--he gave me a light little leg rub in his sleep. Put back together again-- I'm glad that we have a family bed. I know it's what is right for us right now. Soon she will be in her own crib, in her own room, but not tonight. Tonight she sleeps in my arms, while she holds Brady's hand, and provides comfort for a momma who needs it.

My Grandma has a bunco group and when they're short a lady she invites me to play. Well last month they were short two so Brady played. Fun was had by all.

Grandpa watched Avey. He was a good sport about it. It was during her fussy time so he took her on a couple walks outside around his garden. Finally she crashed in the sewing room.

There are some friends you have for life and friends that you have for now-- all of them serve their purpose--all of them are important. But sometimes you meet someone who is so much like you in so many ways that even distance and time can't tarnish the bond.

I was overjoyed to get to spend sometime with my friend Tana--one of the few who befriended with no questions asked when I moved to Texas. She loves me and she digs my kid. She's a keeper.

Avey was a champ at the airport and all the way home she'd talk so loud she'd send herself into a coughing fit. I tried to recorded it while I drove 70 mph down the tollway but it just wasn't happening.

It's strange when everyone starts growing up. There are moments when I'm sitting alone where I have to remind myself that I'm a grown up-- I have a kid-- and a husband... and then I start to wonder when that happened. What happened to childhood? Riding bikes and stopping at trees--pretending like they were gas pumps where you'd stop to fill up with your moms expired credit card that she let you keep in your Pocahontas wallet.

When did this girl go from binky sucking, diaper wearing, little sister. To 18 year old, taller than me, graduate?

One day you're playing house and the next day you're living it. Heck she's kissing boys and I have a 6 month old. Life drug on forever when I was a kid and now it's sprinted past me and I'm trying my best to just keep up with it all.

My parents were right-- about almost everything.

Bethany and our cousin Gabriel were born one day apart in the same hospital. Our families have always been very close and it was neat to see them graduate from the same High School. We are so proud of them both.

Brady's parents came out to Dallas to drop his sister at the airport last weekend. We were able to meet up with them along the road to say hello. Brady's sister Aubrie is spending a few months this summer in Middle Asia-- teaching English.

It's her birthday today!

Wishing you the best Aubrie in all your travels on this very special day. We miss you and our thoughts are with you often. Happy 23rd birthday!

Brady's parents spent Memorial Day weekend with us at my Grandparents house. It was a nice little visit-- we were excited to show off Avey and all the ways she's grown.

Brady's mom and sister Aubrie.

sweet little darling loves to wave.
His parents were awesome-- Brady and his Dad slaved away prepping the concrete for stain at the duplex. His mom literally fanned me for an hour while I nursed Avey in the garage in hundred degree heat. She is always giving, kind, and eager to help. It was a lovely weekend.

Remember that winery I mentioned? While Brady's parents were here we decided to go for a tasting. I had never been to a wine tasting before so it was an exciting new treat. The owners were so welcoming and kind. Very patient with our childlike questioning.

We spent a couple hours learning about the process of making wine and the ins and outs of the business. By the end of it all I was ready to jump in with them.

"Sometimes you have to watch someone else love something before you can love it yourself. It's as if they're showing you the way." *Donald Miller

They didn't just grow grapes. They had a garden with strawberries, bell peppers, wheat, flowers, beans-- you name it!

nap time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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