Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

A couple months ago we went to my Grandparents house for dinner and my Grandma made, among other things, a big pot of cooked carrots. I remember hating cooked carrots as a kid but things change as you get older. I lost my love of fish sticks and started a love affair with carrots. 


1 lb carrots
2 tbsp butter
1/3 c. brown sugar

Cook carrots in a large pot of boiling water until tender. Drain most of the water leaving just the bottom of the pan covered and set carrots aside. Stir butter and brown sugar into the water. Simmer and stir until the butter melts. Return carrots to the pot and toss to coat. Cover and let sit for a few minutes to allow flavors to mingle.


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