Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress

Yesterday my sister and I went to try on our Bridesmaids dresses. We were greeted by a consultant at the door. She welcomed us into the dress shop and after getting names and wedding details out of the way she asked us what size we typically wear. Mentioning that she would bring us bigger sizes than we were used to because their dresses run small.

"I just had a baby (my disclaimer for being so overweight even though I'm pre-pragnancy weight now) so I don't know. My engagement dress was a 14 but I tried on wedding dresses here and I couldn't even zip a 16 past my chest."

She brought me a size 20 and a size 22 first. I prayed that the 20 would fit. But it didn't.


It slide down my body and piled on the floor.

YES! Take that size 20! 

I've never been a size 20. I was glad that I'm still not a 20.


She brought me an 18 and it was baggy everywhere but I didn't get the satisfaction of seeing it slide off my body to the floor.

I put on the 16 and it fit just right which means I'm back to me pre-prego size 14 (their dresses run a size small...remember?).


Better than I ever hoped for and I'm not done yet! Stepped on the scale to a resounding 208 this morning which means I've lost 12 lbs so far. I just want to get out of the 200's so bad!

8 lbs to go! That is going to be such a joyous day! I am so motivated today. You could put In-N-Out in front of me and I wouldn't touch it.


Well-- maybe...


  1. Way to go! I am 2 years postpartum and still am not back to my size. I remember how those formal dresses were sized small, though! My wedding gown was 2 sizes larger than my jeans size, and the largest size available- so I HAD to lose some to get it on! My goal is to be able to zip it back up again, and then tone up from there.

  2. Fantastic news! Keep up the good work. Seeing the numbers on the scale go down is my biggest motivator.