Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Avey's First Laugh

I decided I needed to start organizing my days better. I made a pretty schedule and everything. Yeah. Still can't seem to pull myself away from the baby long enough to do the dishes. The major surgery/just had a baby card is tapped out. I placate him with delicious foods, wine and desserts. The way I figure it-- I can keep this up until Avey turns one can walk and do the dishes. Problem solved.

Mohawk. People pay to look this way. Sister was born with it. Check it.

Even though after finding out that Ben was going to be The Bachelor this season and swearing I would boycott-- I am back for more. It's like a really bad car accident-- you just can't look away. After watching Courtney get naked and take a dive into the ocean with Ben-- you know whats coming.

They always pick the yucky girl.

Why pick a beautiful, intelligent, doctor when a naked, evil, model is throwing herself at you? Cha! There's no competition. He's a moron. At least she's funnier than Vienna.
But really. I'm shocked and appreciative because with a dull uninteresting bachelor Courtney's one-liners make the show worth watching.

“Blakeley is like a champion out there. Who knew that strippers could play baseball?”
“It crossed my mind…maybe I won’t be seeing her again. I hope I got her number. I could use a personal trainer.”
“Maybe she drank too much and Jersey Shore came out.”

Oh. And one must not forget-- "Winning!"

I still have about ten pounds to lose before I'm down to pre-pregnancy weight-- not to mention all the weight I had to lose before I gained a baby. We've been trying out different diets and have come to the conclusion that we just love food too much.

It's not my love for food but more my love for preparing it that gets me in all the trouble. We'll be doing fabulously the first three days of a diet and then I start shopping recipes and all hope is lost. I really love baking. I really love cooking. I really love tasting.

But I'd really love to get my body back more. So here I am. Day three--again. Not shopping recipes but trying to come up with innovative ways to healthily spice up broccoli and cabbage! Yum!

This is the face she makes when she's done taking pictures. Still adorable, right?

We've been going over to my parents house a lot. My brothers text Brady at least once a day-- "games?" I'm glad they're all getting along so well. I'm a lucky girl. Not everyone gets to be apart of a family where all parties thoroughly enjoy each other.

They play video games and I chill out and watch television on a big screen. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but we don't have television at our house. In a way we kinda do. I've hacked my Dads netflix so I don't get too lonely but really not having the TV on all the time is really nice. Not getting a bill is nice. The extra snuggle time is nice.

Snuggling is my favorite.

Avey likes to sleep while we're over there. I've never seen a baby so tolerant of a carseat. Really. Coolest. Baby. Evah.

She is learning new tricks all the time. Daddy is teaching her how to sit. She does this thing when she's laying down where she'll lift her head, squeeze her stomach muscles and try to pull herself into a sitting position. She's only two months old and she's an overachiever already.

Brady'll support her back with one hand and she does all the rest of the work. Sister is a rockstar.

Today we were laying in bed together and I began to repeatedly say "dada" because her reaction was so grand. She would reward me with one of her million dollar smiles. I like to send Brady videos while he's at work and I thought he'd get a kick out of her silly grins.

I grabbed my million year old dinosaur phone(pink razor--remember those?) and began to film... and this is what I got:

Avey's first laugh. I couldn't believe it. I just kept speaking and she just kept laughing.

Thank you friends for sharing all these incredible "firsts" with us. I feel so privileged and humbled to have such incredible friends and family.

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