Monday, January 9, 2012

I Came From Where?!?!

Avey and I are having  a lazy morning listening to Big Daddy Weave on Pandora and hiding underneath the covers while the sky pours outside.

I am so blessed to have a husband who works hard so that I can stay home. Being Aveys mommy is the most fulfilling and rewarding position I've ever held. I realize that getting to spend every moment with her is a privilege and that not every mommy is afforded the same privilege. Thank you Lord for providing for my husband and I.

She is so silly.

As is custom for every person on earth in January-- Brady and I have made a resolution to begin a raw whole foods diet. We kissed being a carnivore good-bye for the time being. I'm excited to see what improvements are made in our health.

 Hi-Yaw! Kay-Raw-Tay!

As most of you know I have Hypo-Thyroid disease. I had accepted the fact that I would be on pills everyday for the rest of my life. After watching a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead where  an Australian man cured his autoimmune disease with a juice fast-- I've been encouraged. If his body can heal itself so can mine. It's time to clean out this temple and start this year fresh-- healed-- Holy.

Baby girl agrees. It's a grand idea. 

Yesterday was our anniversary. We spent some time at home and took our time getting ready. We went ghetto and decided to eat at Applebee's because we had a giftcard. Our waitress was awful but aside from that it was a nice lunch that neither one of us had to prepare or pay for. We held hands the whole time while making frequent glances at the sleeping baby in the carrier.

Note the dirty diaper. Classy.

I was surprised the other day when I laid Avey down after her 2am feeding when she didn't cry-- she just laid there smiling and chatting quietly to herself.  I went back to bed and so did she. She did it again last night. It's a relief to know that my independent girl doesn't need me to rock her to sleep every time I lay her down.

Shes got this. 

Her eyes are still blue-- she's rockin' it.

Tana came for a visit. All the way from Alabama just to see little one. Well-- not exactly but Avey fueled her motivation.

Blessed to have friends that care for me and my family. Tana and Tori oohhed and aahhed like Avey was glitter.

She is pretty impressive.

Sometimes we just sit and have nonsensical conversations. I have a feeling that we'll continue doing this until one or both of us are gone. She's just so cool and I thrive on her sweet baby coo's, face engulfing smiles, and kisses. I could live on her kisses.

Have a beautiful Monday. Don't work too hard. Hold the ones you love close. Inhale their scent. Make strives to never forget these moments.

And with this I leave you with the words of the winner of the facebook caption contest-- Zuzu Ford:

"I came from where?!?!"

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