Saturday, January 14, 2012


Avey is one week shy of two months old-- my oh my how time flies. This past year was a blur of change. I was caught off guard a few days ago when a friend asked me what my word for the year was going to be. I spit out the first word that came to mind-- Savor.

Because she is never going to be this small again.

In a few weeks we'll find out how much she's grown since her last check-up. I know that if I blink once this year I'll open my eyes and she'll be one--and we'll have another one on the way-- because life is fast paced and crazy like that.

After giving it a little thought "savor" is my perfect word for this year. 

I intend to slow down. Drink in my new baby. Drink in my husband. This fast paced crazy life is going to simmer down and I'm going to let the taste of it--my new life--her new life--linger.

This week we spent a lot of time at my parents house because the boys re-discovered their love for RON (Rise of Nations) and it's been a game fest all week long. Cousins, brothers, husbands, fathers, young and old-- join together nightly in a meeting of the laptops.

Who am I to object to such grandeur? Especially if it means I get to watch The Bachelor on a big screen TV while snuggling with my momma and my baby in my parents king sized bed?


We take lots of pictures. Most of them include a pillow of some kind. Let me explain. Avey is happiest and most cooperative after she nurses. I always nurse with a pillow on my lap because eight pounds gets heavy after awhile and my forearms aren't made of steel. All that to explain why the backdrop of all our photos is a pillow.

I was snapping away at a milk drunk Avey the other day and I got distracted by my favorite piece of jewelry.

I couldn't help myself.

He went to Jared.

 If you want to get me out of the house-- a feat in itself-- just dangle food in front of me. The promise of soup, salad, and breadsticks still ringing in my ears was just the motivation I needed to drag myself out of bed Friday morning. We bathed. We blew dry. We beautified.

Sister feigned sleep in this picture.

And she's back with us.

She slept her way through lunch. A blessing for Mommy who scarfed down some enchiladas after being told the wait at Olive Garden was over 45 minutes.

And we don't wait for nobody.

I can't believe my little brother is getting married in a few months. Another thing to savor this year--a wedding--a new sister--two becoming one.

Brady and I thought this photo was super funny. She looks like a total creeper.

Do something worth remembering this weekend.

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