Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting For The Other Shoe

one of those girls.
She is going to be one of those girls who wants to marry her Daddy. It's going to break her heart when he tells her that he's already married to me and you can't marry two people. She flat out refused to eat the other day after he got home from work. She was so caught up in every sound he made and every time he moved that she couldn't bring herself to eat because she was afraid she'd miss something.


I get it.


He's pretty fascinating.

Avey and I have settled into a little routine. She's written her own feeding schedule and she puts herself to bed at night. She is so low maintenance. I was not expecting motherhood to come so naturally but it has. Neither one of us tries hard or does much. We just enjoy each others company. It delights me when I walk into a room and she stops crying and I love how she likes to touch me all the time.


I am someones security.


I am someones home.


I can't believe we were all once so small and dependent.

stranger danger.
Had lunch with a very dear friend of mine this week. Avey has been going through a phase. Brady likes to call it "stranger danger." She starts to cry if Brady or I hand her off to someone else. Sister is stubborn and she likes what she likes.

But at lunch this week she sat on my friend Sarah's lap for an hour and was all pretty smiles and grins.


Looks like Avey found herself a friend.

I feel like I'm a tennis ball or a ping pong ball or any ball that gets smacked around back and forth really.  We put in an offer on the duplex. They declined our offer so we put in another-- which also was declined. Then we put in another and it was declined.

Dude. I'll be honest. The first offer was a little bit of a low ball offer but the next two were more than fair. We had no choice but to walk.

We found a piece of property we wanted to buy. We found out that that piece of property was already under contract. We went back to being homeless for a day. Duplex guy came back to us with a counter offer but it wasn't what we wanted so we declined. Then the real estate agents came up with an idea that made everyone happy.


Duplex guy signed the contract.

We're going to be home owners!!!!!!!!!!


Right now it feels a little bit too good to be true so Brady and I are both kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We are iffy excited. 85% excited. 15% iffy.

I love food.


The End.

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